Reservation services

  • Accommodation and meals
      - hotels and restaurants of any type and location
  • Transfers
        - airport or destination transfers, sightseeing
  • Other services
        - tour guides, tickets etc.
  • Booking operations
        - rooming lists, payments, communication with suppliers
  • Time difference management and hot line.


Privat travel company that understands your needs and wants to be a part of your success.

We have the best deals in the hotel market so before you book make an email or call to us first and we guarantee the journey to be successful from the beginning to the end.

GASTROHOTEL might as well be your ground services operator arranging your land based travel to expand and develop your company. We take pleasure in providing you with premium services coming from our rich experience.

At the same time, we believe that our client should not lose out in commissions and we can be very flexible with our price structures.

Our representatives travel throughout Europe to inspect hotels, coaches, guides and restaurants so you don't have to. We carry out risk assessments and health and safety checks, giving you peace of mind and saving you valuable time and money.


• Best quality of our suppliers
• Ready and reliable services
• Competitive prices
• We deal with groups and do not sell to the public


• We are a group accommodation and services wholesaler
• We negotiate all rates directly to offer excellent products at the lowest prices
• Unique follow up and consulting with our experienced team

• From package groups to specialist itineraries
• We are in the market from 2001
• More than 1.500 groups during the season
• Great deals with hotel providers
• Advantageous contracts with hotels
• Cooperation with worldwide known hotels chains

Our dedicated team of experienced and multi-lingual contractors will give you full assistance with selecting the best products for your group tour. We work with over 1000 hotels in Europe, so whether you need a budget option outside the city centre or a first class hotel in the heart of the city we can help.